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Christmas Canapes with Gleneagles

We attended a wonderful Champagne and Canapes Masterclass evening hosted by Head Chef Paul Devonshire of Gleneagles in London! It’s unbelievable how simple and healthy the canapes are. 

A classic dish that is great as a starter and simple to prepare. Gleneagles head chef, Paul Devonshire, shared his salmon tartare recipe.


•             150 gm Fillet steak or venison loin           

•             1 Egg yolk           

•             5 gm Chopped onions   

•             5 gm Chopped capers   

•             5 gm Chopped gherkins

•             5 gm Chopped anchovies            

•             5 gm Chopped parsley  

•             5 ml Olive oil      

•             2 ml Vinegar      

•             1 gm English, French, Dijon mustard       

•             2 gm Salt

•             5 ml Tabasco     

•             5 gm Cayenne pepper  



1.            Finely chop the beef or venison

2.            Mix egg yolk, olive oil, vinegar, mustards, tabasco and cayenne          pepper together to form a paste

3.            Add all the ingredients together

4.            Add salt to taste

5.            You can adjust the spice of the mixture by adding more tabasco

6.            Serve immediately

Publication Date: 23/12/2014 16:13:27